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OSHA 10 Hour Construction Training

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is rolling out the outreach training course as being a main approach to prepare employees/workers in the fundamentals of occupational safety and health… read more.

OSHA 30 Hour Construction Training

Show your dedication to workplace safety & compliance with the OSHA Certified Safety Professionals at ABLE Safety Consulting deliver the 30 Hour OSHA Construction Training Course for your organization or company… read more.

4-hour Supported Scaffold Training

Scaffolding safety training makes sense for several reasons. First, since the owner of the building to provide workers with training in scaffolding enough to prevent accidents on the job for which you are responsible entrepreneur… read more.

8-hour Pipe Erector Refresher Training

Able Safety Consulting provides technical support, information and training, consulting and audits of health and safety practices and compliance with respect to scaffolding, dismantling and use… read more.

8-hour Rigging Foreman Refresher Training

The highly occurrence of scaffolding at work site generates an unsafe job environment. Falls, falling stuff as well as structure unpredictability is typically harmful possibilities… read more.

16-Hour Suspended Scaffold Training

Suspended scaffolding safety is a matter to people who do work in high above the ground scaffolds. Suspended scaffolds are framed of one or numerous platforms that are hung up by metal or fiber rope… read more.

32-Hour Supported Scaffold Training

Contrary to ladders, scaffolds provide you with a platform to work as well as navigate around on. Safety is particularly vital when performing on scaffolding; OSHA comes with specific training course stipulations for various kinds of scaffolding… read more.

32-hour Suspended Scaffold Rigging Foreman Training

Rigging Rule 9 asked that the Licensed Rigger or his assigned Rigging Foreman supervise the entire suspended scaffold operations. As of April 1, 2008 all fresh Rigging Foreman require a total of 32 hours suspended scaffold training and certification… read more.

30-hour Concrete Safety Manager Course

Department of Buildings authorized concrete safety manager training course addressing site safety and concrete procedures will be among the list of requirements for acquiring permit… read more.

7-hour Site Safety Refresher Training

ABLE Safety Consulting 7 hour site safety refresher training course provides a fundamental overview of NYC Building Code 33. Building Code 33 is targeted on “Major Buildings” that happen to be buildings that has a lot space that could reach over 100,000 sq ft or higher 125’ in height… read more.

40-hour Site Safety Manager Training

There are actually no prerequisites necessary to enroll in 40-hour Site Safety Manager/Coordinator training course yet trainees should have a general knowledge of the Building Codes associated with public safety… read more.

OSHA Forklift Safety Training Course

Forklift drivers must complete an OSHA forklift safety training course before being allowed to operate machinery. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA (for short) regulates the operations of the forklift… read more.


Safety Consultants Services

Whether it is complicated issue managing, safety consultants, general safety and health development work, OSHA specialists, or operational structure ergonomic assistance, ABLE Safety Consulting is a group of dedicated occupational health… read more.

Site Safety Managers / Coordinators

A Licensed Site Safety Manager is necessary on demolition or new development sites on major structures. A significant construction is a building recommended to have any one of these features : 1. Be developed to a height of 10… read more.

Site Safety Representatives

The safety representative signifies the health and safety pursuits of workers enabling recognize potential or perhaps actual dangers. He /She will assist and recommend workers with their safety queries… read more.

Construction Site Fire Safety Managers

A fire safety manager ought to be selected by the owner at any specific construction site where the Building Code really needs a site safety manager or site safety coordinator. The fire safety manager will carry out the duties and responsibilities… read more.

Certified Safety Professionals

This exceptionally acknowledged certification is provided to the individuals who have passed several extensive assessments, meet up with educational requirements, and meet professional safety skills requirements… read more.

Construction Health and Safety Technician

Occupational health and safety technicians collaborate with occupational health and safety professionals to help and stay away from harm to workers, the environment, property, as well as the public… read more.

OSHA Violations Assistance

Able Safety Consulting offers representation in Occupational Safety and Health Administration ( OSHA ) enforcement procedures. We certainly have substantial knowledge representing firms associated with construction and General Industry OSHA violations… read more.

Noise Mitigation Plans

Administrative Code normally requires that a noise mitigation plan needs to be executed for a construction site any time particular devices are used or even construction activities are carried out… read more.

Permit Procurement

Permit Filings and Expediting, Prompt and Professional Service to all Five Boroughs.

Site Safety Plans and DOT Logistic Plans

No permit is going to be issued for the demolition or perhaps construction of a major building, as well as for the enhancement in the facade of a major building if a sidewalk shed turns into required until a site safety plan… read more.

Tenant Protection Plans

To much better protect the citizens, the New Codes enhance Tenant Protection Plan specifications. Applicants must indicate on the PW1 which units will probably be occupied during the course of suggested work in occupied, various dwelling properties.. read more.

Emergency Egress Plan / Program

During the time of an urgent situation, workers ought to know which kind of evacuation is essential and what their function is in performing the plan. In some instances where the emergency is extremely grave, total and instant evacuation of most workers is necessary… read more.

Fire Safety Plans

As your fire safety manager we build as well as preserve at the construction site an approved pre-fire plan, making it readily available for assessment by any representative of the department… read more.

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