Contractor Safety Training and Orientation Programs

A contractor is a person or company who works for another company. Any company that employs contract workers, either short or long term, must comply with OSHA regulations. Contractor Safety Orientation and Training are required by OSHA standards for all workers. Contractors Safety Training Safety training helps prevent injury

No matter what area of the labor force of a contract worker is, he should be trained in specific security for such work. Companies that hire contract workers to either provide guidance on safety and training, purchase or proof that the employee has already completed two required.

Businesses and entities of the Organization should provide safety training for their employees. Many security programs require that all workers, whether long or short term, complete training provided by the entity, whether or not given other training.

OSHA Safety Training for Supervisors

Supervisors dealing with contractors should be trained in all areas of security that the job will entail. If a supervisor to direct or supervise the work for which it has not received safety training is required, the supervisor must report the situation to the next before starting work.


Safety is the first necessary component of OSHA Safety Training. Orientation is an overview of the safety of workers will learn. Safety training covers the risks of specific work a worker will be involved in.

Orientation also familiarizes workers hired with the Law on Safety and Health at Work, which provides that workers are entitled to a safe workplace and training that will help you stay safe. Workers also learn the rights and responsibilities of the employer and themselves as employees of the company. Ways to contact OSHA with a complaint included in an orientation session for security training.

Contractor Safety Training and Orientation Programs

10 and 30 hours OSHA Safety Training Course

Contractors in any line of work must complete a course of 10 hours of OSHA either construction, or fields of industry in general. Guidelines are set by OSHA to address the dangerous issues that workers may face.

Construction contractors will learn about specific security issues. Items of equipment or machinery safety, lockout / tagout, electrical safety, fall protection and personal protective equipment, and hazard are some of the topics presented in the training.

General industry courses include some of the same elements for construction contractors. Other specific areas for certain jobs in the industry may be mentioned ergonomics, machine guarding and industrial hygiene.

Supervisors may be required to take the OSHA 30 course hours, which is a more comprehensive areas of safety training study. This will allow the supervisor is ready to take over most types of work.

Contractors may also be required to take a course of 30 hours, depending on the contractor or company policies.

OSHA safety training certifications and Updates

contract workers must wear OSHA training certification cards with them, but will also have to give a copy to the employer to meet the requirements of OSHA record keeping.

The general term for security updates is training every two years. But the company hiring contractors may require more frequent updates.

Short week (type tailgate) meetings and monthly safety meetings will help keep contractors updated on security issues. The new information, using different equipment or procedures, or refresher courses, will help keep all knowledge workers in safety training that could save them or someone else from injury or death.

Contractor Safety Training and Orientation Programs

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