What You Need to Know on Scaffolding Safety?

Whether you install linings or vents on the second floor, safety standards on scaffolds are important to complete the job.

Whether you’re installing tiles, vents, gutters on the second floor, working with lathe and plaster or any other project from any floor, on scaffolding safety plays an important role in completing the work. There are two types of scaffolding systems, scaffolding tubular generally used in residential construction projects and scaffolds that are usually found in commercial sites. Both types of scaffolds require proper training and precautions.

The Administration of Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) has established and updated safety standard on scaffolding. But accidents continue to occur on suspended scaffolds. OSHA estimated that annually more than 9,000 related scaffolds, with at least 79 deaths and 3,000 disabling injuries caused by reckless use of scaffolding systems injuries occur.

Scaffolding Safety certification training courses class

Scaffolding Safety Training Related Courses

Among the Scaffolding safety violations in the most mentioned by OSHA include:

  • Scaffolding without guardrails
  • Defective planks and wooden planks inadequate projections.
  • Access unsafe scaffolding.
  • Bad bracing between the main beams of the scaffolding.

Michael McCann, director of security research of the Center for Protection of Rights of Workers in Silver Spring, attributed many of the security breaches to inadequate training and want to accelerate job completion. “The time in this work is everything,” says McCann. “Contractors are interested in security, but the foreman is the one that has to take the time to inspect and follow the procedures.”

Educating employees about safety in scaffolds and its correct use is critical to reduce risk and increase safety at work. The OSHA standard requires that a competent person to recognize the dangers of scaffolding and is authorized to treat the problem is who design the structure.

Coaches and workers should be aware of the conditions of their workplace, properly installing the equipment, inspect the structures daily and follow the guidelines established.

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